The Inn on The Lake, Canandaigua, NY Review

Lindsay and I went to The Inn on The Lake in Canandaigua, NY for her birthday and had a nice time overall though there were some parts of our stay that were less than ideal. We got the ‘Inn’ Love Package deal, which came in around $500 (including tax & gratuity) and it included: a jacuzzi suite, a gift basket in the room, a bottle of champagne, dinner at the Shore restaurant (with 2 salads, 2 entrees, and 2 desserts), and breakfast at the Shore restaurant. I called to make a room reservation and the guy I spoke with told me about this ‘Inn Love’ package and said it also came with 2 cocktails. We found out that the 2 cocktails are not a part of the package so maybe he confused that with another package. Lindsay is pretty selective about what she drinks so I asked if the champagne was any good when I booked the reservation and was told that it was a quality bottle.

We arrived just after 3 to check in and were told that our room was not ready. There was a Bridal Show there that day and the place was really packed. The gentleman at the check in desk, Anthony, was very nice and recommended we chill at the pool or grab a drink at the bar while we wait for our room and we decided to get some sun at the pool. Anthony told us that he would call us when our room was ready and estimated that it would be about 30 minutes. We didn’t hear anything so I called back after about 45 minutes and the girl told me that our room still wasn’t ready and she didn’t know when it would be. She spoke to Anthony and he told her he would take $25 off the room for our inconvenience. We went to the bar and had a drink and we finally got a call back around 4:15.

We checked into our room, which was one of the 8 luxurious lakefront Jacuzzi suites and it was decent. It had been newly renovated however the décor was still slightly out of date by our standards. We had two queen beds and they were very comfy. The balcony was nice and had nice views of the lake. We cracked open the bottle of champagne and it was a J. Roget Brut, which neither of us had ever had and it was not really drinkable. In case you’re wondering if I’m a total champagne snob, I generally drink Freixenet, which is around $10 a bottle. Not that I would ever turn down a bottle of Veuve but I don’t think it tastes that much better for the price difference.

Anthony was nice enough to book us dinner reservations for 6. We got hungry and headed to the restaurant around 5:30 hoping we could be seated early. The hostess was very nice and said she would seat us as soon as she could so we went to the bar to wait. We heard our name called about 15 minutes later and we were seated at a table outside with a really nice view. The gentleman who sat us was very nice.

We were given a bread basket that was pretty good and some herbed butter, which was also quite nice. We ordered mohitos and our server didn’t seem to know much about them. She confirmed that it was a rum drink and listed off the rums that they had, one of them being Captain Morgan’s, which is a spiced rum. That should have been my first clue. One of the rums was Appleton’s and I had had their white rum in Jamaica and really liked it so I asked for that. Well the mohitos came with spiced rum, so I’ll take the hit on that since I should have specified. I just assumed the bartender would know not to use spiced rum. Both of our mohitos also had muttled, rotten mint and it wasn’t a stray piece. The mint was all way past expiration. We asked for new drinks and our server kindly obliged. She came back with a 16oz Grey Goose soda & a Grey Goose with olives that were spot on.

We ordered our food and the first course took forever to arrive. Our server would come by asking if we got our food when it was clear we had not since we had no food on our table. We started with some appetizers, a seared tuna with some veggies and fried calamari with cherry peppers. The tuna was poor quality and sauce was super sweet though it was seared just right. The calamari was really good and we loved the fried cherry peppers.

Next we got two salads, a mixed green salad with marinated beets, and some nut encrusted goat cheese and an iceberg wedge. Both were excellent and we really loved the marinated beets. Our server told us they were marinated in honey and sriracha. The iceberg wedge salad also came with pickled sea beans, which were a very nice touch.

There also happened to be a live band playing at their outside bar and the music was pretty good. The crowd was a good blend of rednecks and various tourists. We really liked our table outside but there was a lot of cigarette smoke wafting by and the wind picked up and the temperature dropped so we asked to be moved inside, which was no problem.

Next we got our entrees, a NY Strip and Halibut and both were great. The steak was cooked very well and the Halibut was great too and came with an artichoke veloute that was nicely done.

I paid a visit to the restrooms and they were nice but I had to use a stall and both toilet seats were completely covered in piss. Guessing said rednecks.

Breakfast was included so we headed over first thing. It was beautiful out and we were seated outside. Our server started us off with some coffee and it was really good. Lindsay ordered eggs Benedict and I ordered smoked salmon Benedict. Lindsay let the server know to please ask the kitchen to make sure that her yokes are runny. Well, our food arrived and Lindsay’s poached eggs were totally over cooked. My eggs Benedict was quite good and my yokes runny and the home fries were just ok.

Lindsay let the server know about her eggs and our server said she would let the kitchen know and walked away leaving Lindsay’s plate. She came out a few minutes later with two poached eggs covered in hollandaise sauce in a cup. We both got the sense that our server could have cared less. And the new eggs were over cooked once again. Lindsay went inside and let management know what happened and they were very apologetic. So Lindsay’s breakfast was a total disaster and I was saying at least mine was well done and then she found a hair in mine. Oh well and thanks a lot Linz ;). I didn’t say anything and decided to call it a day.

We checked out and Anthony was at the front desk. (He seemed to be there the entire time we were there). He apologized again for our delayed check in and let me know he took $25 off of our bill. He also heard about the breakfast fiasco and apologized for that and they took $15 off for Lindsay’s breakfast. Anthony didn’t feel that was enough and took my number and said he would speak with the restaurant and see if he could get more off. I never did hear from him but he seemed to genuinely care and I appreciated his effort.

Lindsay and I had a nice time but I’m not so sure we’ll be back. If we do we won’t do the package again because we both felt it was pretty overpriced for the value we got. I mean you can get a deal at a Ritz and basically get the same thing with amazing customer service. The customer service we totally hit or miss with some of the people there really valuing it and others not having the first clue.


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